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Meditation classes and workshops in Oxfordshire


Why Alidar

Alidar is run by Alison Davis, a qualified teacher from the British School of Meditation as well as a qualified Chakra Dance and Laughter Meditation teacher. 

Meditation is a fantastic tool to have in your everyday life to deal with all life’s experiences. Alison teaches Meditation classes from the beginner to the more experienced, to teach people the benefits of daily Meditation. Aside from these classes for adults, sessions are also run for Teenagers.

Meditation Classes

Classes are held on Monday afternoons/evenings for beginner, intermediate and advanced meditation. Click here for more information.

Meditation Workshops

Learn to meditate finding inner peace, strength and healing using your inner resources in a full day workshop. For a day of peace and tranquility. 
Click here for details and dates.

About Alison

In 2013 I started running meditation classes and workshops from my studio in the garden of my home in Shrivenham. I now cover meditation classes, five Workshops, meditative art, chakra dancing and laughter yoga. I have produced 5 CDs including a CD for teenagers helping with exams and life post school. 

I have personally benefited from meditation for over 30 years living both in India and Hong-Kong which has developed my interests in a number of adjacent fields. In 2018 I will have finished my practitioners course in Life Alignment. I have qualified with distinction from the British School of Meditation, the British School of Chakra Dancing and Laughter Yoga to add to the Reiki Masters I achieved whilst living in India.

In order to bring the best out of all who attend the workshops, we focus not only on meditation techniques and knowledge but also on developing artistic creativity. This requires no basic talent or skill and may be achieved through movement, art, drawing or creating a vision board.  We connect to our own energy through colour, chakras and visualisation and much more. I am always delighted how people can surprise themselves with what they can achieve.
Contact Alison Davis
Call 01793 780750 or email alison@alidar.co.uk

Full Day Workshops

Find peace and calm through the lenses of Meditation, Meditative Art and Self Healing. Learn to meditate finding inner peace, strength and healing using your inner resources. Learn about using your chakras and their colours to help with healing some of your own needs. 

The days run from 10.00am – 4.00pm - to include coffee, vegetarian lunch and afternoon tea. Places are limited to 7-8 people per day. Cost £60. All fees payable in advance, proceeds go to support the charity Future for Heroes (www.f4h.org.uk).
Come and join us for a day of peace and tranquility. We have the following workshops:

Life Alignment

Life Alignment Practice

A Life Alignment practitioner uses a technique known as "a balance". A balance aligns the client's true self with their memory, where energy can be stuck. This disturbs the energy flow in the body and ultimately may lead to physical symptoms. The balance releases the negative energy charges from the memory and restores the body to balance from within. I will be offering Life Alignment treatments from early 2018.

Please call or email to discuss and book.

01793 780750



Classes are held on Monday afternoons/ evenings for beginner,  intermediate and advanced meditation. 
Beginners find the peace and tranquility that only comes from within yourself. Intermediates and advanced for a deeper level of peace and understanding.
Individual classes £10, or a course of 4 classes for £35.
Beginners Classes 
Intermediate Classes 
Advanced Classes
All class enquiries please contact the office on 01793 780750.

Meditation CDs

£12 each

A collection of meditation CDs are available that will help with meditation techniques and practice. Call 01793 780750 or email me to order your CDs. Each are priced at £12 each or the first three are available as a set for £35. Collect from the office or P&P £2.50
  • Concentration and Breath
  • Affirmation and Visualisation
  • Emotions
  • De-stress for teenagers
  • Healing Mind and Body
Please note, that all monies raised go to Future for Heroes www.f4h.org.uk

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